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About Us And Our Mission

We are on a mission to create a programme to deliver to all communities. We want to help our youth of today develop their confidence and self-esteem.

You Are Enough. Always.

We are an informative group specialising in social awareness about mental health.

We want to help younger people thrive. Therefore, to help achieve this, we are delivering a programme for all community leaders to deliver to younger people to help individuals with their self-esteem and mindsets. As a community, our mission is to help create a platform to deliver to students. Our main goals are:

  • To help young individuals grow their mindsets through positivity 

  • A chance to help younger students build their confidence

  • To help young individuals channel their positive thoughts and emotions, which in turn will help prevent mental health problems developing

  • To support a community that includes people from different ages groups and backgrounds, to help challenge the stigma of mental health.

Red Flowers

Build Your Positivity and Confidence With Us

Let's remove the stigma together

With our volunteers and leaders, we wish to create a pathway where we can build young people's confidence, self-esteem and educate on mental health awareness. With our upcoming events, we hope to build social events that will help with raising social awareness about mental health problems.

Why volunteering is important

At You Are Enough, we are on a mission

Without those who volunteer every day, we would be facing more issues. We applaud those who take part in various voluntary tasks which keeps the world going round.

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